SIP Calculator

Finally, you will get the answers in your mind to start your investment as low as Rs.100 per day.

So far, you better understand the usage of SIP calculators very well! Some people are also interested in knowing about the working mechanism of SIP calculators. How SP calculators precisely elaborate the profits and losses of any amount of investment even before starting investing in mutual funds. SIP calculators are specifically built for the pre-acknowledgment of corpus rates at the beginning of investments. For that reason, you have to put two simple details: Mutual fund Investment Amount, deposit duration, expected profit and click ok- you will get the future value of your investment on the spot without making much effort.

The SIP calculator is mainly built to remove the pre-manual calculations of investment, as many investors do before starting any investment. So, SIP calculators have entered the market, and you have to give it some basic details that you know about and then click the button, and you can get your desired calculated data in seconds.

Details you have to put into the SIP calculator:

  • SIP Amount
  • Rate of return
  • Investment period

Knowing the main points and some important information about the mutual fund investment plan can help you better experience your SIP journey. Using a Systematic Investment Plan Calculator does not require any pre-experience to use. You can even use it from the first day of your learning journey towards mutual fund investments.

Step 1: Open the SIP Calculator: You do not have to do much roaming on the internet; search for the SIP calculator, and you will get unlimited SIP tools online in one second.

Step 2: Enter the Monthly Investment (SIP Amount). This is the amount that you are going to invest every month or quarterly (Based on your wish to pay monthly or quarterly).

Step 3: Enter the mutual fund investment period; this is the duration that you are going to pay every month.

Step 4: Provide the expected rate of return at the end of your SIP investment tenure. This is the average yearly mutual fund percentage that you will anticipate in your mutual fund SIP investments.

Step 5: Check the results. The Systematic Investment Plan Calculator will instantly display the results. Too much easy, right? So, let’s calculate your first SIP mutual fund amount.

mutual fund sip calculator

The SIP calculator is based on the following formula. You can use this formula to calculate your mutual fund profit manually, but this is too time-consuming as you can get the same result with just one click on the SIP calculator.

  • “FV” is the future value.
  • “P” is the monthly investment.
  • “r” is the interest rate per month.
  • “n” is the total number of months.


For a better understanding, let’s explore the following example of a small investment of 1 1,000 rupees per month.

  • SIP Investment Amount: Rs.1,000 (Per Month)
  • Expected Return rate: 10%
  • SIP Investment Duration: 10 Years


  • Your Total SIP Investment for 10 Years: Rs.1.2 Lacs 
  • Your Future value on SIP Investment: Rs.2.05 Lacs

Important Note:

  • Mutual Fund SIP Calculators are just for general prediction of return rates.
  • It is never possible to predict the actual return, but you can get a closer picture of your return rate through SIP calculators.

Systematic Investment Plans come in various types. SIP allow inventors to choose the investment amount as per their pocket. Here are the main types of SIPs:

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) offers benefits to investors and it is a popular and effective investment strategy.

You can better understand the SIP calculator with the below-shortlisted diamond points: Let’s explore!

  • The SIP calculator helps you to get an exact idea of how frequently you have to invest in your SIP mutual fund.
  • SIP Calculator enables you to enter the investment duration at your convenience, like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • In SIP, you are free to choose any minimum investment amount you wish. 
  • As per your provided investment amount, the SIP calculator gives you the expected profit amount of the corpus at the end of your investment duration. 
  • The SIP calculator is only a financial tool that lets you calculate your profit as precisely as no other tool can. 
  • After calculating your required data from the SIP calculator, you can decide on your mutual fund investment journey.
  • The SIP calculator is free to use. You have access to the SIP calculator anytime you want.
  • The SIP calculator provides you with the roadmap for your investment journey so that you can analyze whether you fit in the market or not.
  • With the use of the SIP calculator, you can see a clear picture of the mutual fund market, and there will be no ambiguity left around.
  • You can get a clear-cut vision of your investments and their return rates at the end of mutual fund tenure.
  • SIP is very flexible; you can stop, renew, or even change the SIP anytime.
  • With prior know-how about profits, you can save yourself from losses, which is more common in the investment world.

A mutual fund investment scheme known as an SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) provides its users with a lot of benefits. Some of the main ones are discussed below!

Disciplined Investing

SIP is a disciplined investment method. It allows investors to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals such as monthly. This investment approach prompts financial discipline.


The main advantage of SIP investment is the rupee-cost-averaging strategy. This strategy tells you you will buy more units when the prices are low, and you will buy fewer units when the prices are high.

Reduced Market Timing Risk

SIP investments are less dependent on market timings, so the risk factor is totally reduced. 

Accessibility for Small Investors

Flexibility in Contribution Amounts

The investment amount in SIP investments is much more flexible than lump sum investments. Investors with different financial situations can adopt the SIP investment method.

Goal-oriented investing

Investors who want to achieve specific economic goals will find the SIP investment method the best option. SIP has a goal-oriented nature of investment.

The best SIP calculator Which Provide the following advantages.

  • The SIP Calculator ensures precise financial planning, offering accurate projections for informed investment decisions.
  • It facilitates goal-centric investing by quantifying the required SIP contributions, aligning investments with specific financial objectives.
  • As a tool for risk management, it empowers investors to navigate market fluctuations confidently by assessing potential returns under different scenarios.

The mutual funds in SIP provide a formula called “15 x 15 x 15”. In this SIP calculator method, you have to deposit Rs.15,000 per month for 15 years, with an expected return rate of 15%. It means you will generate one crore in 15 years.

There is no rocket science in investing cash in SIP and getting benefits. You have to go spend a simple investment plan. Like, you have to decide your needs of investments, choose your mutual fund platform, select a specific time for SIP, most importantly, the duration for SIP, and lastly, calculate your rate of return with the help of a SIP calculator online or offline.

YES, you can find a lot of mutual fund investment plans in the market nowadays. The most famous and most systematic, well-disciplined plan is the Systematic Investment Plan, which is called the SIP mutual fund. 

In this systematic plan, the amount is fixed, and you have to deposit a fixed amount per month with the fixed return rate at the end of the duration you selected through your SIP calculator. But in the finance market, which merely depends upon market fluctuations, other platforms need more certainty about the fixed return rate, as the SIP does.

SIP is the most authentic and famous SIP in today’s market because of its flexibility towards its service plans for the investor, whether the amount of investment is as low as 100 per day or 10,000 per day. Both will get the same benefits.

If you want to start daily SIP, then you may begin with Rs. 1200 daily SIP. And then, you have options to increase your investment gradually at your convenience. You can also pause or even stop your investment anytime and get your amount. 745.1248.

Yes, SIP does not bind investors to invest without their consent. Any investor can stop supporting at any time that is convenient for them.

SIP is the name of a method of investment, and Mutual Fund is the name of a product in which investors can get benefits from the expertise of experienced financial managers to get more precise investment management. SIP is based on mutual funds, so it is Mutual Funds SIP.