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The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment plan which is used to invest the initial cost of the money regularly in mutual funds. With the help of SIP investment, you can get returns and profits after some time. SBI SIP calculator can be used to get aware of profits and financial gains. Based on past investments, your profit approximation can be made. To calculate the maturity value, one must proceed with the SIP calculator to get high-value returns.

What is SBI SIP calculator?

The SBI SIP calculator is an instrument which is used to give an approximate value of return from SIP investment. Investors have to give a few details including investment periods, amount, rate of return and other aspects to get the expected amount. The SBI SIP calculator is for estimation purposes and is also the most common one. It gives only an estimation based upon various factors such as the input amount and the periods for it. On the performance of the funds, the end value of investment can be deviated.

Formula of SBI SIP Calculator                                                              

SIP investors can get the returns with the SBI SIP calculator. A specific formula is used to get the approximation of the profit after input of required points which are related to the investment. The formula used in the SBI SIP Calculator is given below further as:

Expected Profit:  P*{[(1+r) n-1]/r} * (1+r) 


P= The amount of SIP

r=  Expected returns per month

n= Installment number

Based on certain points such as investment period, time duration and return rate, you will get the expected profit of the investment with the SBI SIP calculator.

How can SBI Mutual Fund SIP Calculator Help You?

With the help of the SBI mutual fund SIP calculator, the investors can calculate the investment growth and the expected potential returns. You can experiment with informed decisions as well to minimize even the least chance of risk-tolerance. A few positive aspects of the SIP Calculator involve the following points:

Trusted Results: It provides expected results and can be trusted as it is trained to give accurate results. Also, the SIP investors can trust this calculator to get an approximation of the returns. One can rely on the results given by the SIP calculator. 
Effortless: It does not require any effort such as the one which is required in manual mutual fund calculation. All the investor has to do is to simply enter the needed data and get results. It is not linked to any time consumption of the calculations which are manually done.  

Aid Monetary Planning: The SIP calculator will provide you with the best finance plans. Investors can have a well-balanced monetary status with the help of plans recommended by the SIP calculator for mutual funds etc.

Method to Use SBI SIP Calculator

The SIP calculator is dependent upon various points which are entered into the calculator. We have provided all the methods for the use of the SBI SIP calculator given below:

  1. SBI Mutual Fund Scheme
  2. The amount invested
  3. The investment period

It proved the expected returns after inputting certain required aspects including the investment scheme, time-period duration etc. Follow the steps to get your expected returns and calculations.

Step 1: Choose a fund of your choice from the provided ones. 

Step 2: Provide the amount of investment as per the period.

Step 3: Give the period, and duration of SIP investment. 

After this, you will get an approximation of the mutual fund investment depending upon the respective scheme. Also, you will get insights into the results depending on the basis of input data. 

Advantages of Using SBI SIP Calculators  

Following are the advantages of the SBI SIP calculator provided in detail to get a grip on the understanding of the investment and calculations. One can get potential risk after the proper input of the various expected returns. 

Speed and Accuracy:

The SBI SIP return calculator gives a speedy, reliable, and swift tool to get your SBI mutual fund scheme. Its best points include that it provides SIP investors with accurate results. It allows instant insights of the potential results.

Decision Making:

For any decision of the investment, you can use the internet and SBI SIP calculator. SIP investors can use the calculator to get expected and approximated returns. It provides real time results and allows the investors to make decisions quickly. 

No Manual Calculation:

It is free from any manual calculation to get reliable, quick results. The time utilized on the manual calculation is saved by the help of quick results provided by the SIP calculator. The process is more efficient and the time is saved when there is a quick response to the results. 

Graphical and Tabular Representation: 

It provides you a graphical and user-friendly interface to its SIP investors and allows the investors to have easy usage without any hard and tough understanding. It does not require any technical knowledge to be mastered in order to get the returns of mutual funds from the SIP calculator.

Easy Usage: 

It is easy to use as it is user friendly and also helps the initial investors to get a beginners friendly set up and the interface. SIP calculator is designed in order to give a sociable layout to the investors who are either novice or expert.  

Effortless Set Up:

It has an easy set up and allows SIP investors to get a setup which is uncomplicated and effortless. No requirement of expert knowledge is used here to get the expected results. One can start using it after an easy, quick and human-friendly set up.

Informed Decision:

It provides the approximated results after the proper input of the data which includes your amount of investment, tenure of investment, return rate and few other aspects etc. One can set the financial goals by proper investment and in return you will get an idea of the required amount and time period.


The SBI SIP calculator is an online tool to get an estimated return value after input of certain points including period of time, amount of investment, the rate of return and the expected amount.  The SBI SIP calculator is for estimation purposes and also the most common one.

On the proper input of points related to the investment which includes time period, duration, return rate and the amount of investment etc, you will get expected returns and the profit. Enter our SBI mutual funds scheme, the amount invested and the duration of investment to get the approximation of the profit.

Few positive points and aspects of the SBI SIP calculator includes the easy set up, usage, informed decisions, Also, it has a user friendly interface which does not allow the beginners to first have s greatest grip on the process of usage and then investment. All the investor has to do is to simply input required data to get desired output.


SBI SIP calculator is an instrument to get mutual funds and has a crucial role in informed decisions and a user-friendly set up. One can plan as per the goals set by the investor himself. It has an easy usage which allows the new investors to now use it with any expertise, any proper pre knowledge or expertise.  Also, it reduces the time which is consumed in the manual calculations and provides quick, easy and reliable results to both categories of the investors.

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