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LumpSum calculator is a calculator which estimates the value that is expected in future depending upon the amount of the investment you made on some specific rate of interest. It evaluates the expected returns on the LumpSum investment. LumpSum calculator is an instrument that gives returns depending upon the money you invested for the long term. 

A LumpSum calculator is a tool consisting of multiple options such as Investment Amount, Expected rate of return, and Tenure to provide you with expected long-term return as per the situation of investment. You can organize your monetary goal as per the LumpSum calculator. You can get aware of returns in just seconds. 

LumpSum Investment is an approach for investors to invest all mutual funds at once and makes your investment produce handsome restaurants in a certain time period. It is a well-known method of mutual fund investment. LumpSum mutual fund investment is when you invest all your money in a mutual fund scheme. High-risk tolerance investors may prefer investment in a mutual fund scheme. 

Returns can be invested depending upon the LumpSum investment with the use of a mutual fund LumpSum calculator. Also, LumpSum investors can calculate and estimate that the chosen investment option is as per their goals and expectations. Some advantages of LumpSum calculators may include:

  1. You can get estimated returns for a specific time period. All you have is to provide investment data including monetary amount, return, time period to get an estimation. 
  2. It saves time which is utilized in the making of manual calculations
  3. LumpSum calculators avoid human generated errors.
  4. LumpSum investment return calculator is an easy, quick, convenient and rapid result for new investors who are at their initial stage with low market exposure. 
  5. Results are not estimated with accuracy. 

The LumpSum investment calculator allows you to get a calculation of expected returns with easy investment all at once. These expected results will help you to manage your monetary goals. We have elaborated a few methods to assist you.

  1. On the basis of investment strategies, you can calculate the rerun of your investment which is expected in future.
  2. The human generated errors can be removed as per manual calculation. However, these can be reduced.
  3. It is easy, convenient, rapid and human friendly.
  4. It provides results in a few seconds.
  5. LumpSun calculator is suggested when you want to know about your today’s investment. 

You can choose the investment plan as per your requirement depending upon the risk-tolerance, market exposure, time period, invested amount and other major points. Lump Sum is used when one has a huge investment amount. Also, one important point to consider is that investors can choose Lump Sum investment only when they are well aware about market conditions after investment. One who invested in LumpSum for a long time period of years can get a handsome return. 

Initial cost of investmentRs 1000 is the initial investment amount for all beginners in SIP calculator.Rs 100 is the initial cost if investment in LumpSum
Technique of investmentInvestors have to invest from time to time on the basis of the weeks, months, years etcInvestorpos have to invest all the amount at once not depending upon the time of weeks, months, years etc.
Cost AveragingOn the basis of the current market situation, you can take the benefit from it in SIP investment . On the basis of the current market situation, you will not get any benefit from LumpSum investment.
Timing the marketThere is no issue in timing the market at the exact stage.Timing the market is a hurdle in Lump Sum investment.
High Risk ToleranceInvestors are free of risky decisions as the main target of SIP calculator is long-term.Investors are bound to make risky decisions as the target of LumpSum investment is short-term.
Time PeriodSIP calculator is for the Long-term goals and profit.Lump Sum calculator is for the Short-term profit and returns.
User Friendly InterfaceSIP calculator has a beginners friendly interface.As compared to the SIP calculator, it doesn’t have a friendly interface.
Effortless set upIts setup doesn’t require any effort.Its setup requires a proper setup before the investment.

A Mutual fund Lump Sum calculator is a speedy, confident, reliable and certitude result providing tool. Certain good points on LumpSum calculator are given below as:

  1. It provide online and swift results
  2. Investors do not need to learn and have a proper guidance on the use of LumpSum
  3. It provides reliable estimation of mutual funds calculations. 
  4. Only estimation of mutual funds can be made. This must be kept in mind that the LumpSum calculation is an estimation.
  5. It is a portable instrument to calculate return of mutual fund investment.
  6. You have the facility to choose mutual funds from various choices as per the requirement of yours. 

A Lump Sum calculator is a tool that is freely available online to get a portable, speedy return estimation of your monetary investment. It requires long-term investment even more than 50 years and provides handsome returns to the investors. Also, it is an instrument that avoids manual errors and saves time which is used in making manual calculations.

Some advantages of the Lump Sum calculator include portability, convenience, speed and reliability. Also, it saves the time which is used in the manual calculation of the expected returns. Including, all you need is to provide a few investment details on the Lump Sum calculator such as amount, returns, time periods and a few other points

You can use a Lump Sum calculator when you have high risk-tolerance and you can afford a lack of profit. Also, it is recommended that you make a large amount of investment and a large time frame to get a compound return after a specific time period. In short, you can choose this method when you have tolerance to market exposure. 

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